Daraz Nepal is one of the most Popular Online Shopping site in Nepal. It has a huge number of audiences in Nepal.

As Daraz Nepal has a huge number of audiences, it become the attraction for Nepal Sellers. So, today I will talk about everything you need to know about Daraz Seller Center.

What is Daraz Seller Center?

Daraz Seller Center is the Platform where sellers can register their business and list, manage their product on Daraz Nepal.

After Successful registration, Sellers will get their own dashboard from where they can list their Product, delete their product, Adjust product pricing, Add product description, reply FAQ, Chat with customer etc.

How to Register your Business on Daraz Seller Center?

Daraz Seller Center

Click Here to start registering your business on Daraz Nepal.

Note: Please make sure you are PAN or VAT registered in order to sell on Daraz. Need more help? Call +977 1 5970111

Now provide you Mobile Number and Slide to Verify after that, You will OTP on your Mobile Number.

Now provide all the requested details and click on Sign UP.

Once you have successfully Sign UP on the Daraz Seller Center, Now you can login to your Dashboard. Screenshot of Seller Dashboard is attached below have a look.

Now, You have to submit you Business details and Document. As seen in Image you need to submit address, Corporate File (PAN/VAT), Bank details, Order Package Info.

After submitting all the details and documents, Daraz Nepal team will review it and verify your Account. They may directly call you for any information they need.

Once your account is verified by Daraz Team, Now you can list your product and start selling but every time you add new product Daraz team will review your listing.

To learn more about product listing and features of Daraz Seller Center you can join Daraz University. To join Daraz University you just need to click on Daraz University Menu available in Seller center Dashboard.

How much commission / Fee do Daraz Nepal Charge?

Yes, Dazar does charge commission on every sale you make but currently, registration is free but in the future, they may charge some fee for registration or Daraz Seller Center subscription.

There is no defined % of commission, It depends on your business nature and type of product you are selling. To know in detail about the commission you have to directly contact to the Daraz Seller Center support team.

In most of the case, Daraz team will contact the Business owner after registration on Daraz Seller Center so at that time you can talk about the Commission and Fee.

Advantage of regretting on Daraz Seller Center and Selling on Dazar:

  • You will get huge number of Audience
  • You can sell to all over the Nepal
  • You don’t have to Maintain your own Tech support for selling online
  • Less Marketing expense and large number of sales
  • etc.

Disadvantage of regretting on Daraz Seller Center and Selling on Dazar:

  • Delay in Payout – You will not get paid immediately after the sale.
  • Limitations on the product listing – You can’t just list any product and sell it, Your product must have to come under the Daraz Policy and Guidelines.
  • etc.

If you have any further question or Confusion then make a phone call to Daraz Seller center Nepal Contact Number: +977 1 5970111